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Reading Challenge

From Year 2 onwards, every child brings home an ‘Unlocking the World’ reading challenge; this is kept in children’s reading record, which should be brought into school every day.  

Each year group has been given a different continent of the world. In order to ‘unlock’ each country within that continent, a specific number of books need to be read.

The number in brackets, next to the name of the country, indicates the number of books needing to be read. If there isn’t a number then only one book is needed to unlock that country. For some continents this equates to nearly 100 books!  Once a country has been unlocked, parents and/or children simply need to record the title of the book and the date it was read. Then, when all countries have been unlocked, hand the completed challenge card to a member of staff and rewards will be given.

To coincide with our reading challenge, a list of ‘recommended reading books’ for each year group can also be found on our school website.