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After School Clubs

We have altered the way in which we offer and run After School Clubs from September 2018. We will be fully funding two Sports Clubs through our Sports Premium, one of which will be run by our Sports Coach, Mr. Kumar and the other by Miss Slater, a dance specialist. The timetable can be found below:




These clubs will be offered on a first come, first served basis with consent to be given through Schoolcomms. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE FOR THESE CLUBS. We are hoping that we will be able to continue to develop the talents of our pupils through this specialised coaching.

Clubs will now run for the entire term, with the exception of the first and last week of the school year, from Monday to Thursday. All clubs will finish at 4.20pm and children should be collected promptly from the School Office. Unfortunately, if a parent is late collecting their child three times in a half-term, we will have no choice but to withdraw their child's place in the club. Similarly, if a child's attendance is poor and they miss three consecutive sessions, we will withdraw their place and offer it to another child. We expect pupils to behave well at clubs and we are sure that they will love what we have to offer.