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Computing And Online Safety

Our Computing Curriculum Intent

Through Computing, the school aims to prepare pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world. We believe that it is an essential part of the curriculum: a subject that not only stands alone but is woven and should be an integral part of learning across the curriculum. Increased computing skills promote independent learning and give greater access to a wide range of ideas and experiences. At Wednesbury Oak, we believe that all children should leave our school with a good knowledge of computing and how to use these skills in real life situations.


In teaching Computing, we believe that all children are able to gain the basic skills they will need in our increasingly technological world. We aim to provide them with a broad set of skills and make them independent and inquisitive learners who are able to use the skills they have been taught and apply these in a range of situations. Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum statements through a practical approach. It also has a strong focus on Online Safety, which is taught as a discrete unit for at least one half-term along with identifying important issues within the Computing lesson and within other areas of the curriculum.


In Computing, like in any other subject at Wednesbury Oak Academy, we aim to share our vision of high aspirations for all of our pupils through our high expectations. By setting these high expectations, our pupils are aware of the standards we expect in all lessons and learning opportunities. We also aim to develop children as readers in all subjects to support their independent learning.

This Vision Document is a working document.  It affects all Key Stages and will be reviewed on a regular basis with all staff in accordance with the SDP and in response to Government directives, where necessary. 


Our Curriculum Implementation

At Wednesbury Oak Academy, we begin our Computing Curriculum in each year group with a unit looking at different aspects of Online Safety. This is then built upon throughout the year, both in Computing lessons, PSHE and the wider curriculum. We also participate in Online Safety Day each February.


Computing is taught weekly to allow children to build on their skills and, where possible, each unit has a real-life outcome. The strands of ‘Digital Literacy’, ‘Information Technology’ and ‘Computer Science’ are taught in each year group, with the skills and knowledge required becoming progressively more complex.


We have a Computer Suite, two trolleys of iPads and a netbook trolley to ensure that all year groups have the opportunity to use a range of devices and programs for many purposes across the wider curriculum, as well as in discrete computing lessons



At Wednesbury Oak Academy, we aim to develop, in all children, irrespective of background, race or gender:


  • The ability to use computing equipment to manipulate and present written word, images and sounds so as to convey a message effectively
  • The ability to analyse problems in computational terms, and have practical  experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems
  • Responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology
  • The ability to apply their computing skills and knowledge to their learning in other areas;
  • To use their computing skills to develop their language and communication skills.


Jennifer Griffiths

Computing Leader



Safer Internet Day Assembly

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