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Our Values

Wednesbury Oak Academy- Creating Memories, Hand in Hand


At Wednesbury Oak, we aim to:

  • Put the needs of our children above all else.
  • Develop confidence in our children so they are able to take risks and learn from their mistakes.
  • Support children in developing their self-esteem, through celebrating their achievements.
  • Develop a safe, stimulating and creative environment in which children can flourish.
  • Educate the whole child, developing global citizens, who are able to contribute effectively to their own and the wider community.
  • Create a place where parents can join the learning journey with their children.
  • Listen and value the point of view of each individual, share ideas and support children to create their own futures.
  • Ensure that children have fun and use their imagination while learning.
  • Create a place where talents are nurtured and developed, children are happy and have a desire to succeed.
  • Develop extra-curricular activities that enhance learning opportunities even further.
  • Support children in taking responsibility for their own behaviour through utilising praise, reward and consequences.
  • Teach children to respect themselves and others and to be honourable, honest and kind.