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Physical Education

Our Curriculum Implementation

Physical Education at Wednesbury Oak allows children to gain a progression of skills as they move through school. We utilise a range of different sports to ensure we target all children throughout school to achieve in Physical Education. Children are questioned throughout P.E. lessons to ensure understanding and to promote critical thinking. P.E. is taught in mixed ability classes, in blocks of sports to ensure children have progression through the unit of work and staffs’ expectations throughout lessons are maintained at a high standard for all children.

In addition to the range of sports that are detailed on the curriculum overview below, we also take children for a block of swimming lessons in Year 4 and Year 6, in addition to their weekly P.E. slot.

At Wednesbury Oak Academy, we develop a love of learning in P.E. which stems from high quality teaching. We encourage children to think independently, create tactics and evaluate our peers’ performance.

We encourage five key skills throughout P.E. which are embedded through our ‘P.E. Champions’ Tree. These are resilience, determination, teamwork, positive behaviour and effort. Children aim to achieve all of these skills 3 times throughout the year to become a P.E. Champion