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Reading is a high priority area of our curriculum. Reading is a fundamental skill, used to stimulate children's imaginations and learn to acquire a love for reading. At Wednesbury Oak, we aim to provide a language rich environment for our children and encourage a love of language. We monitor the children’s reading at home, utilising the digital reading app: Go Read to encourage parents to be fully active and engaged with us in order to support their child’s ongoing development.  Class Reading Champions are announced weekly. These are the children who have logged the most reading on the Go Read app. 

Through our use of the Read in to Writing scheme, Reading forms the basis of our English lessons. Skills of reading are made explicit to children. through the teaching and use of reading VIPERS. If children are working below their chronological reading age, targeted interventions and support is put in place. Children, in all classes, have access to story time and have a class book: this ensures that reading is correctly modelled to children as well as giving them the opportunity to enjoy being read to. In addition to this, every class has a designated Reading for Pleasure time, known as ROAR – Reach out and Read - where children and staff have the opportunity to read for pleasure.  

At Wednesbury Oak Academy, children take home two reading books. One, a book, chosen by each individual child, from class libraries, as a reading for pleasure book - to share and enjoy in school and at home. The other, a Big Cat Collins banded book, which is appropriate to their reading ability. For early readers, books are linked to their progress within the phonic phases, allowing them to use their developing phonic and whole word knowledge to read independently.