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Reading is a high priority area of our English curriculum. Reading is a fundamental skill, used to stimulate children's imaginations and learn to acquire a love for books. We monitor the children’s reading at home and encourage parents to be fully active and engaged with us in order to support their child’s ongoing development. 


Reading is celebrated across all phases at Wednesbury Oak Academy. Books are accessible in all classrooms, as well as library areas. In classrooms, you will find reading areas, where children are encouraged to sit and read for pleasure and a love of reading is celebrated. Across school, we also have three library areas - containing home reading books - where children can browse, sit and share books with their peers and/or adults.  In addition, throughout the school year the importance of reading is enhanced through our ’Unlocking the World Reading Challenge’, celebrating weekly class Reading Champions, activities for World Book Day, author and poet visits, Book Fairs, book quizzes and our links with our local libraries.


Reading lessons take place in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, in the Early Years and where phonics teaching takes precedence, children experience early reading as part of their structured phonic lesson*.   Across KS2, Whole Class Guided Reading takes place, whereby reading works the same as any other lesson; there is one learning objective for the whole class based around the same text.  The activities are adapted by the teacher for different abilities so that all children can access the learning objective and be challenged.  Sometimes texts are part of a class book and other times they are a poem, non-fiction article or another fiction extract.  All reading sessions are skill based, linking to one or more aspect of Reading VIPERS (Vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval, sequence/ summarise.) Where appropriate, Headstart and Oxford Owl materials may also be used in reading lessons; clear links should be made to the VIPERS skill children are working on.