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Team Points

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We have a new and updated system for Team Points. Team Points are now more challenging to earn! It was reinvented, so as to make pupils work that little bit harder, in order to prove that they genuinely deserve a house point. As well as that, this system has also motivated people and made them feel better about themselves. The children are now given tokens when they have been awarded a team point in the colour of their house. This advanced new system, is far more visual, as the whole school, parents and staff can see the level of tokens increasing. Please feel free to pop in and see this displayed in our school foyer. We are all very excited about this. The winning team will win a trophy and be able to dress up in their house colour on a half termly basis! Each team has Team Captains and these pupils are responsible for collecting the number of tokens on a weekly basis. The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and is an integral part of our school community. 


Winners over the Academic Year

Autumn Term 2018: Rubies.

Spring 1 Term: Diamonds



Our objective is to give every child in each house and those who take positions of responsibility the following:

  • Individual and Collective responsibility.
  • Positive behaviour, thoughtfulness and respect.
  • Shared aims and goals.
  • Collaboration, teamwork and co-operation.
  • Positive attitude to school and others
  • Effort and application.
  • Achievements and successes of all.
  • Participation in competitions and sport.
  • Growth in self esteem.
  • Integration.


Teachers can award tokens, and pupils can earn tokens for their House by:

  • Playing Fairly.
  • Being Caring and Sharing in the Playground.
  • Showing Good Manners.
  • Being Helpful and Considerate.
  • Displaying a positive attitude to a specific task or school life in general.
  • Being Responsible.
  • Participating and representing the school in competitions and sport.
  • Competing on Sports Day.
  • Other achievements worthy of recognition.



Allocation to Houses

All children are placed into one of the four houses on entry to Wednesbury Oak Academy. Each class will have a variety of children who make up the representing body of each House to allow children to work as a team, aiming for the success of the House in all challenges, activities and competitions. All siblings who are on roll are placed in the same House allowing a sense of unity and togetherness throughout their time at Wednesbury Oak Academy.