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Our English Curriculum Intent


As a school, it is our intent to nurture well-read, insightful, knowledgeable, inquisitive, thoughtful and enthusiastic readers and writers, who are confident verbal communicators and attentive listeners.  When teaching English, we aim for our children to acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and understanding to become lifelong learners. We strive to ensure that all of our pupils are immersed in a range of quality texts, which enable them to expand upon their understanding and use of a rich vocabulary, while instilling a love for reading, a passion for discovery and a confidence to explore their imagination.


At Wednesbury Oak, we understand that English is a core subject of the National Curriculum and therefore essential for educational and social progress, as it underpins the work which children undertake in all other areas of the wider curriculum. The acquisition of language skills is of the utmost importance to us here at Wednesbury Oak and therefore the teaching of English is given a high priority across our school. Enabling our children to have confidence in using and applying basic language skills, enables children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, preparing them for their future journey through education and beyond.

In English, like in any other subject at Wednesbury Oak Academy, we aim to share our vision of high aspirations for all of our pupils through our high expectations. By setting these high expectations, our pupils are aware of the standards we expect in all lessons and learning opportunities.


Our Curriculum Implementation


Our English curriculum is derived from the use of quality, age-appropriate texts. From each text, specific learning journeys are planned, covering a range of writing genres.  Each book is used to create opportunities for children to improve on essential writing skills; develop grammar and punctuation knowledge and an understanding to use and apply these skills across the wider curriculum. Children explore the writing structure and features of different genres, identifying purpose and audience. They plan and write pieces with a clear context and purpose, before evaluating the effectiveness of their writing and editing and uplifting where necessary. 




At Wednesbury Oak Academy, we aim to develop, in all children, irrespective of background, race or gender.

It is our intent that:

  • To ensure that every child becomes a reader, a writer and confident speaker by the time they leave Wednesbury Oak Academy.
  • To promote and instil a love for reading, writing and high-quality literature into pupils of all ages.
  • To develop an English curriculum, which provides children with the acquisition of knowledge and skills. 
  • A love of reading, where pupils choose to read widely and frequently for both pleasure and information using a variety of media.
  • An understanding of the importance of Standard English and to use it where appropriate.
  • To immerse our children in a rich and varied vocabulary.


Sarah Ward

English Leader

Reading at Wednesbury Oak

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