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Meet Our Staff

Mrs T Grieh – Principal

Mrs J Griffiths – Vice Principal & Maths/Computing Leader

 Mrs R Tranter - KS2 Inclusion Lead & Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader

Mrs K Kular – EY/KS1 Inclusion Lead & Phonics Lead


Our Teaching Staff

Nursery Miss H Evans (PHSE Lead)

Reception Miss N Patel (EYFS Lead), Mrs A Cains (Computing Lead), Mrs C Hicklin

Year 1 Mrs R Tranter, Miss R Cole, Miss S Dean

Year 2 Mrs B Stonard (Arts Lead & EY/KS1 English Lead), Mrs N Eaton, Mrs T Hunter  

Year 3 Miss C Aveyard (R.E. Lead), Miss S Lowe

Year 4 Miss A Mason (Power Maths Lead), Mrs L Steadman (Science Lead/KS2 English Lead/Year 3 & 4 Phase Lead)

Year 5 Mrs A Warburton (Humanities Lead), Mrs R Basharat, Miss R Walls

Year 6 Mrs S Walmsley, Mr P Croft (PE & Educational Visits Lead) & Mrs J Griffiths

Cover Teacher Mrs D Peake 

PE Teacher Mr S Kumar


Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Bannister, Mrs K Finney, Mrs S Mills-Jones, Mrs T Hunter, Mrs S Duffield, Mrs C Beckett, Miss S Dean, Mrs J Plant, Mrs K Rolls-Williams, Miss S Rogers, Mrs S Thomas, Mrs C Hull, Mrs M Birch, Mrs L Chana, Miss H Edwards, Mrs K Ashfield, Mrs H Kent, Mrs L Simpson, Miss M Gywnne, Miss M Slater, Miss E Bell, Ms C Rhodes, Mrs C Mayne


Our Non-Class Support Team

Mrs D Southall - School Business Manager

Mr A Smith - Network Manager

Mrs B Slater - Safeguarding & Parent Support Officer & Mental Health Lead

Mrs S Rolls - Parent Support Advisor

Mrs N Wooldridge - Attendance Officer/Principal Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss M Bloomfield - Admin Manager

Mrs L Davies - Office Administrator


Our Site Team

Mr S Dean - Caretaker

Mrs L Raftery - Assistant Site Manager/Cleaner

Miss R Evans - Animal Manager/Gardener

Mrs H Evans - Cleaner

Miss E May - Cleaner

Mrs L Jones - Cleaner



Our Lunchtime Team

Mrs P Bunce

Mrs L Jones

Mrs B Thorp

Mrs K Ashfield

Ms C Rhodes

Mrs S Masih

Mrs H Evans

Miss R Fitzpatrick

Mrs K Carvalho

Miss N Summers

Mrs C Perry

Mrs D Bryan


Our Kitchen Team (provided by Dolce)

School Cook Miss M Leavy

Kitchen Operatives Mrs J Patel


Our External Support Team

Behaviour Support Officer Mrs C Burgess

Safeguarding Officer Mrs V Jones

Finance Officer Mrs G Davies

School Improvement Advisor Mrs S Geczy


Our Board of Trustees

Members Miss M Boden, Mr S Slater, Mr D Stonard

Trustees Mrs T Grieh, Mrs S Mistry, Mrs J Griffiths, Mrs N Marley, Mrs S Beckett, Mrs D Thompson, Mrs P Beddoe, Mr P Croft, Mrs B Stonard, Miss M Boden (Chair)

All Trustees are contactable in writing c/o the school office