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Phonics at Wednesbury Oak


Our Curriculum Intent:

As a school, it is our intent to ensure all children become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers. When teaching Phonics, we aim for our children to acquire fundamental skills in order to develop their vocabulary skills, break down words into sounds and build letter and word recognition in order for our children to become fluent lifelong learners. It is our intent to provide children with lots of opportunities to engage with books that will fire their imagination and interest, motivating and exciting them to learn Phonics and become competent readers. Every child will taste success.


At Wednesbury Oak, we understand that Phonics is a core subject within the early year of education and therefore essential for educational and social progress, as it underpins the work which children undertake in all other areas of the wider curriculum.


Our Intentions:

  • To provide children with the skills and strategies necessary to develop into independent, competent and fluent readers by the end of Key Stage 1
  • To build children’s speaking and listening skills/early language development
  • For children to foster a love of reading
  • To provide a vocabulary rich environment for pupils
  • To provide age appropriate Phonics provision


Our Curriculum Implementation:

At Wednesbury Oak Academy we provide daily speaking and listening activities that are well matched to children’s developing abilities and interests, drawing upon observations and assessments to plan for progression and to identify children who need additional support.


Teachers at Wednesbury Oak Academy provide Phonic lessons that are active, fun and motivating, hence why our children love Phonics! Each lesson creates opportunities for children to read, write, and develop vocabulary and listening skills.


We follow the Letters and Sounds approach to phonics. Letters and Sounds is a systematic six-phase teaching programme designed to help practitioners and teachers teach children how the alphabet works for reading and spelling. It was published in April 2007 and has been widely distributed to local authorities, schools and settings.

For further information please read our vision document. 
Here you will find links to video tutorials on YouTube to show you how we teach your child.




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